Tuesday, 7 August 2012

雪山植物中的王者(The King of Plant in Dasyueshan)

If the Mikado pheasant is the Fog of the King in Dasyueshan~~
Taken from the Internet as I haven't get the chance to capture it's shadow yet.

Then, who is the King of Plant in Dasyueshan?!

It is the Red Cypress & Taiwan Cypress
紅檜扁柏也俗稱檜木,處於海拔 1800-2500公尺。
Red cypress & Taiwan cypress are also commonly known as cypress, growing at an altitude of 1800-2500 meters.

紅檜(Red Cypress)
·         屬於支撑材针葉树生长在峡谷, 称为女人樹(台語) 因为根部会分很多,就像女人的臀部。XD
Belongs to conifer.It is known as woman tree as its root parts will expand into very large base.

·         往上长也分出很多枝干,身材相當苗条
While its branches will grow out into many different   branches and it will look very slim.

·         雪山神木及小神木都是紅檜哦!!
Big Sacred Tree and Small Divine Tree are Red Cypress!!

·         日語名稱是BENIHI~~
Japanese name is BENIHI


扁柏(Taiwan Cypress)

·         树干又直又中挺
Its trunk is very straight and grow high up

·         一柱擎天

·         相反的,我們又稱他為男人樹(台語)
On the other hand, we called it man tree.

·         日語名稱為HINOKI
 Japanese name is HINOKI

嘉怡  撰寫
Written by Chia Yee

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