Thursday, 23 August 2012

Spirited Away(千與千尋)

              I’m sure, there is no other such beautiful place as the North of Taiwan: Jiufen, Bitou, Longtong, Keelung…
We planned the trip to Keelung since the start of the internship, but managed to do this only on 14th of August. There was all the time some more important activities and places to visit.
But finally we get there even so the weather forecast was not so pleasant beforehand.
It took us long time to get from Fengyuan to Juifen and Bitou – more than four hours. But I forget all my irritation about the long trip first I saw him – crystal blue Pacific Ocean!

我們一開始就計劃到基隆了,可是最後延遲到了八月14th 那天才成功去到那裡。每次都是因為一些比較重要的活動和地方拖延了我們的旅遊計劃。

He is breathtaking! Fantastic! Amazing!

And the weather was so shiny.
The best day starts.
First of all we visited Longtong Ocean Park where we wanted to dive. 

But unfortunately the diving courses started only at 2 p.m. and it was only 12, so we couldn’t wait so long. That’s why we decided just to spend some time on the beach. Actually, it was not a beach as it is – there were only rocks and stones – but there were a place to swim.

可惜浮潛課程只在2pm開始。那時才12pm, 我們沒辦法等那麼久。所以我們決定在海邊度過一個中午。其實那也不是一個海灘只有巨石和岩石卻有一個游泳的地方。


For divers only
They also didn't want to wait
I didn’t have a swimming suit but it didn’t stop me, cause it was my only chance to swim in the real ocean! I couldn’t lose it. There was one more reason – the rocks were so hot so I just can’t stand it anymore – I need cool water to cold them! In fact the water was not cool at all, but it was not as hot as the rocks.


It was unforgettable and crazy!
I didn’t notice as almost one hour passed and we needed to go further. And here our adventures starts…
First of all, we missed the bus to the Golden-mine museum. So we need somehow to spend one hour and we decided to walk Bitou trail along the ocean coast! How beautiful it was!

I didn’t see anything as beautiful as these rocks! Graceful and steep, smooth and creek, specked and freaked. It has unimaginable stairs that could appear anywhere and anytime.


We walked fast but we missed our bus again!
And there was next bus only in one hour… And more than fifteen-kilometer way to Jiufen. You will be right if you assume that we decided to walk further.
We spend one hour walking between the road and ocean, under the sun heat. All this time ineffectively we tried to stop the car, wishing to reach Jiufen hitchhiking.



And we managed to do this! We stop a car with a very-very-very kind man, who agreed to lift us to Jiufen exactly!
Have passed the famous serpentine road again, but now upwards, we saw it.


First, we saw them – great crowd of tourists that walk all along Jiufen. No wonder there were so many of them – Jiufen is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Taiwan.



Everyone wants to visit Jiufen
Walking further we saw the Jiufen Old Street itself and I appeared to be in ancient times, far away from the 21st century.
Do you know Hayao Miyazaki and his movie “Spirited Away”?  
Jiufen exactly was that place that inspired him. So, get the DVD with “Spirited Away” from your shelf and watch it again to compare the sceneries!
 We spent the whole evening wandering around Jiufen Old Street, visiting shops and tasting traditional dishes.
The Old Street at night looks magnificent. Charming aura of eastern mystery is everywhere. I was enchanted by its beauty!


But we needed to return back to our home. While waiting for the bus I found one more breathtaking scenery – the view on the night harbor. I couldn’t stop looking at it – so fantastic it was!


On that day we also didn’t reach Keelung. Bad luck. Well, maybe next time.

Written by Olga
奧利嘉  撰寫

Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯

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