Monday, 20 August 2012

Take care of the forest trails(維護森林踪跡)

I like Dasyueshan trails. They are very long, various and clean. Each of them is different – sometimes there is stone-stairs, sometimes – it is a path through the woods, sometimes – it is wooden trails. They do not disturb the peace and silent of the forest. And small sign board looks very natural there. They unite with it – like it always was the same, like it remain like this forever.
But nothing stands still in our world and if we want the trail to be good and safe, if we want sign boards to be clear and beautiful – we need to take care of them. This is a new side of our work – this is what we did previous week.
In July, when we were in Basianshan, we had an experience of working holidays – socially useful work of repairing the trails and tribunes.
Now, here in Dasyueshan, we did another kind of work – we cleaned the boards. You can check our work – before and after.



Before 之前
After  之後
 We could use only cloths, water and all kind of plants that we found in the forest. No chemicals at all!
Really, I don’t know what kind of dirt is it on the boards – I can just guess that it must be some natural dust – but to get rid of it using only water and our hands was rather hard. Even our great stamina didn’t help and dirty spots remain the same.


We could have spent hours cleaning these boards without the help of our teacher Lai. He, seeing our useless attempts, got some green cypress branches and the work went on. It do really more effective than use Fanta to clean your pot! 


Soon all the spots disappeared but we have one more problem – cause of the branches and the dust all the boards became green. While we were thinking, what we could do with it, teacher Lai helped us once more. He found some moss which plants in great amounts everywhere in Dasyueshan and use it to make the board clean. It is obvious – moss is a natural sponge and can clean everything easily! We should have known this!


The only thing left – is just to use napkin to make the sign board dry. Ta-dam! It’s like a new one!
Using these methods our work became faster and more effective. 


And even a rain couldn’t stop us. Actually, later it nonetheless made us return back, because it became very heavy.
Now you know how the sign boards remain clean and beautiful in the forests!   


Written by Olga
奧利嘉  撰寫

Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯

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