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Sharing experience. Step three: enchanted by Aowanda(分享經驗。第三部:奧萬大的魅力)

              Once I saw Wanda River I understood that I will never forget Aowanda! Huge mass of brilliant green water surrounded by the green mountains like by the walls. So many different green colors. You can try to count them all from my photos.

Aowanda 奧萬大

Aowanda meets us with sunny weather and great excitement.
Unfortunately, Aowanda was closed after the Saola typhoon and soon I will tell you about the consequences that this typhoon leaded to Aowanda.
As the recreation area was closed there were no tourists and visitors and we had a chance to see the unique beauty of Aowanda in the silence and quietness, without such a mess that tourists bring.
Our schedule was as very busy. As often we don’t have lots of time to communicate and see all the wonders of Aowanda. But our friends choose the most delightful ones for us.
First of all, we went to the Trio-Waterfall where we found three different points from which you can observe waterfalls. Each of them let us see its beauty from other angle.


Photos made by Flora 照片取自芳花
I like watching waterfall. There is something tremendous and breathtaking in seeing them, feeling the power of nature, its strength and triumph. Such moments I clearly understand that humankind will never exceed the nature, will never be greater.
For the second part of the day Aowanda guys prepared something really very special for us.
One thing that some people pay to do it…
One thing that you can never experience before…
We cleaned the pond!

You should have seen Flora’s blog about cleaning the pond, that they did before one of the camps. As the pond was rather big and there were lots of alien species that were need to pull out – we came to help Aowanda.
All the time of the work I memorized Ridley Scott’s Alien, although there were no resemblances among them. But our uniform reminded me of the famous Russian Stalker’s culture. We were only lack of the gas mask for the whole similarity.


Ready for great deeds 準備做偉大的事情了
As it always happens, the work was not boring but very fun and exciting. Even muddy water and strange smell couldn’t lower our enthusiasm. Really, where and when else you can stay in the pond at waist. 
We cut the plants and combine them in long snakes or sausages (depends on the view) to move them to the bank. Sometimes with such plant-snakes we also move frogs and water-spiders. There were so many of them. Maybe they consider us to be a new transportation system…
Having done a great job (you can see how much plants we put out), we – dirty, sweaty and tired – could have a rest. 


But first – we needed shower. Our uniform also needed it!
The best rest is the changing of the activity! Flora, Chia Yee, Janice, Wan Yu and I decided to have a brief walk along the Aowanda trails and to make photos – crazy photos.


For the evening one more very special event was planned! Aowanda Nature Center was built four years ago and today was its 4th Birthday! Have you ever presented on the Birthday of the building? I don’t! So, I was very excited and delighted! We sang Birthday songs for it in different languages and even make a video. It was very uncommon experience.

Birthday boy 壽星男孩
Morning starts and countdown begins. We had only 5 hours left with Aowanda and without wasting the time we went to the trail leaded to the Suspension Bridge.
How many beautiful places we saw on our way. Strong-men slope, path on the bank of the river, Maple trail, bird-watching pavilion, pine-tree forest. We saw lots of trees that Monkey-hates-to-climb, we passed cleaning-water building, we saw the trees that were growing from the center of the river and lots of other amazing things!


Any ideas why monkeys hate climb such trees? 為什麼猴子都不爬這棵樹?

Trees in the water  水里的樹

Do you remember I told you about the consequences of the typhoon? Here they are. One of the trails on the bank of the river was damaged because of it! Also, not yet reached Aowanda we saw the works of repairing the road that was hardly suffered of the typhoon!


Hardly anyone could go further 沒人能過得去吧
But typhoon passed and we finally step the Suspension bridge! The great, strong but so elegant path over the abyss! I can hardly imagine how these bridges are constructing. So I can only amaze by the result.   


Solemn moment 莊嚴的時刻
Striking view 眼前一亮的景觀
The view from the bridge was incredibly beautiful! We could see the huge mountaineering valley spread towards the horizon and a quiet river under us.
We crossed the bridge and I feel myself in Russia! In Russian forest in fact. It was so much alike… these pine trees, small, shiny lawns, green bushes and plants along the paths. It was real nostalgia for my Motherland! In these pine forest I feel at home.


Wandering in it for some time and enjoying nature and last moments together, we in the end had to go back and leave.
On the way back I behaive not like a strong men and refuse to go to the strong-men slope! Climbing up steep stairs… No way!
Right before our departure guys presented us with Aowanda postcards, file-pack and special T-shirt uniform with Aowanda logo.
I will remember Aowanda as a very peaceful, quiet, charming place that you will fall in love with from the first sight. First sight on these solemn mountains and wide green lawn, on its deep valleys and rush rivers, on its green, young forests and lovely alleys.

我會記得奧萬大為一個寧靜、迷人、讓人一見鍾情的地方。第一眼看到莊嚴的青山、廣闊的草坪、峽谷、 大溪。

Guys, I want to thank you for your work that you made to host us, for your accompanying us and helping, for the trip and new experience that I had! Thank you!


Written by Olga
奧利嘉 撰寫
Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯

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