Tuesday, 7 August 2012

大風吹,吹什麼?吹蘇拉颱風啊!!(Saola Typhoon)


Everybody still remember Saola Typhoon?


Let reminisced back to Year 101 2nd August(Thursday)


We should have go up the mountain to work.But because of the arrival of typhoon, the recreation area had to be closed.Even the whole Taichung also being announced the suspension of classes and work.


Our day was spent in our hostel in the city eating instant noodles and watching movies with notebook.


It was raining cats and dogs.
Without the accompaniment of internet and TV,we had to rely upon the radio network to get some news about the latest typhoon.


Typhoon made me feel frightening especially when this was the first time I experienced it in a foreign country.I also pretty worried whether the city I live in will occur flood or not...(It turned out that my city was very safe:)


Human can feel emptiness easily when leading a bored day.
Suddenly I missed the day on the mountain where I can interact with volunteer teachers,tourists and my partners.

Precursor : The coconut trees were blown into an artistic sense

We were safe inside the house,but don't ever walked out there~

颱風天後街上慘不忍睹 :0
The terrible scene along the street after typhoon

The day in Dasyueshan

嘉怡   撰寫
Written by Chia Yee

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