Saturday, 25 August 2012

探古蹟,到鹿港吧(Explore Heritage Site---Lugang)

Once reached Changhua train station, we went to fan-shaped train garage first. How to go there? You can ask for a map from the tourist centre at the train station and walk for another 10 minutes to reach the destination. This fan-shaped train garage was among the most important legacy in railway culture. Its railway tracks’ design is to enable the head of train to change its moving direction. It is really rare nowadays. From the watching deck, the garage looks exactly like a stretched fan, special enough to be named as fan-shaped train garage!

搭上彰化客運就出發到鹿港去了 !我們也懵懵懂懂地在鹿港某一站下車了,看著手上的鹿港摺頁不知不覺走到了位於後車巷隘門。這隘門原有大小兩扇木板門,現僅存兩側的花崗岩夾桂石。從照片可見到額上刻有“門迎後車”這四個字。走在後車巷,可看到古色古香的老房子,貼著春聯。
We took the Changhua bus and depart to Lugang! We stopped at one of the point and walked to “back car street” based on the leaflet. Suddenly, we saw Lugang Gate which is the only one heritage gate there. This gate actually had one big and small wooden doors, but it is now left with only stone structure. You can see from the picture that there are four words on top of the gate. Old houses with poem are all around us and we are surrounded with ancient atmosphere.


            Old street are everywhere in Taiwan, for sure Lugang is not excluded. After you went through Lugang gate, the Yaolin Street is somewhere near. From the right side of the old street, we reached the Assembly Hall where there was a painting exhibition showing different kinds of temple heritage site in Lugang. There were Xinzu Temple and Nanjing Temple around there. As you walk to the left side of the old street, you can find famous Half-side Well. The well was separated by a wall, half inside the house and half outside for the passersby and less-fortunate neighbours to get water supply. I truly touched by the generosity of the rich people which had strengthened the relations between the neighbourhood.


            Another special Moru Lane also ignites our curiosity. When we reached there, we were attracted by its narrow space. In ancient moment, when unknown girl and boy pass through this lane together they must be very shy as the space is too small to accommodate two people. As for Jiuqu Lane, the houses were designed in T-shaped and the lanes were curve --- to prevent the effects of September strong wind. The tourists can experience the unique space among the lane.

            We really cannot experience deeply Lugang heritage site in one short day. Besides Longshan Temple, we had missed out a lot of other temples like Fengshan Temple, Jinmen Temple, Wenkai Academy, Wenchang Shrine and Martial Temple, Sanshan Guowang Temple and others.(just to name a few)

嘉怡 撰寫
Written by Chia Yee

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