Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sharing experience. Step 2: Aowanda comes.(與奧萬大交流)

We were waiting for this event for ages and it came on the 26th and 27th of July – Aowanda volunteers visited Dasyueshan!
We met them early in the morning and start our two-day program at once. We needed so many things to do, to show, to tell.

我們期待已久的交流終於來臨了。就在七月26th and 27th---奧萬大的暑期青年志工到訪大雪山森林遊樂區!

Me and Flora

First of all, we lead them to one of the most visited trails in Dasyueshan – Small Devine Tree trail. It is “small” really symbolically, because its height is gigantic and its age is more than the common age of the volunteers who have been there.
The weather was misty, cloudy and sometimes rainy. And a little cool cause of the altitude. But it didn’t spoil the trip – instead bring some magical charm in the surrounding landscape.


Having visited Small Devine Tree, we headed to see “big” Sacred Tree – the most famous place in Dasyueshan.
During the first day trip we couldn’t stop discussing our places of works, telling lots of interesting facts, sharing experience and memories. I have learnt not only about Aowanda, its life and work, but also about other interns whom they visited and met.
We were promised to be shown all the trails in Aowanda as we will visit them in August.
Because of the weather and time-limits we had to decide, which trails to walk during the second day and we stop our choice on the one of the longest trails in Dasyueshan – the National trail.


While walking we passed bamboo thicket, small observation deck and deep dark forest, that we agreed to call the most mystical, magical and marvelous in Taiwan.


Sometimes I really want the time to stop. But it never stops and Aowanda guys had to leave us. But this is not the farewell – we will meet each other very soon. Dasyueshan will visit Aowanda.  

Sorry, not to publish many photos, but I have had some problems with my camera at that time. :o(


Written by Olga
奧利嘉     撰寫

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