Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Photo Master-class(攝影專家課)

              After three such exciting and memorable days, we can’t guess what we will do on Sunday, the 19th. And we were really surprised when we learnt that we will have Photo Master-class. I can’t even imagine myself that I will join such an event in Dasyueshan.
If you have any hesitations about the connection of this class with our work, I want to say, that one of our major duties is writing the blog about our work and presenting Dasyueshan beauty. I don’t think that words can express everything and show all that we wanted to say.
To tell the truth, as for me none of the words, photos, videos or masterpieces can show the real beauty of nature. You need to see it with your own eyes, hear it, smell and feel with your skin.
But as we can’t visit all the places in the world and can be only in one place in a moment, we need to share our emotions and thoughts with other people, show them the nature of Da Syue Mountains and here we need all our skills of making photos.
I never thought I’m a good photographer – moreover I am sure my skills are much to be desired. I don’t have a good camera. Yeah, I know that camera is not everything and personal skills of the photographer plays much more important role, but good camera can help people to make beautiful photos easier.
But let’s stick to the point. We were led by teacher Yao – not only a tour guide in Dasyueshan, but also a good photographer. He explained us, that the best time of making photos in Dasyueshan is morning – from the dawn till afternoon.
Sure, it is… most of the time in the afternoon there is very misty and sometimes rainy weather. It will bring some mystery, gothic gloom and triumph in your photos.
But our aim is to show nature, life and bright, sunny forest.
We started our course with making a panorama picture which later we will edit in Photoshop. The morning was so clear, so we can easily see the valley of tremendous blue mountains spread in all directions till the horizon. I can really look at this view forever, but we needed to go.
Teacher tells us lots about making pictures of the buildings – how to show them from the best side, what to focus on and what to avoid, how to keen the horizon line and etc.
Later we went to the Small Devine Tree trail and our exact class starts.
In making pictures of the trees you need to remember some very important points.
- Avoid bright light




- Do not cut trees, brunches and so on that are on the side and backgrounds

- Try to focus either on its giant or on the expression of life.

As for the photos of trails, here are some advices:
- Try to make pictures of the trails from the side, so one will see distance projection

- Avoid cutting both stairs and all kind of side and background things

- Trails and stairs need space either in the ground or in the sky

- Avoid much light

After our short walk, we returned to the Visitor Center and concentrated on Photoshop that helps us to make a panorama view.
Here you can see, what we with the great help of teacher Yu get in the end.


We still have lots of things to work on, but I’m sure we achieve some good results.

Written by Olga

奧利嘉  撰寫

Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯


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