Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tenth Anniversary Expo(十年回顧展)

              As everybody knows, there is a typhoon time now all around Taiwan. That’s why my friends – other volunteers and me stay in the city for one (and maybe more) day and work in the office.  And we noticed the differences that appeared to happen to the whole entire interior of the office building.
The Expo dedicated to the results of ten-year working now is holding in Dongshih Forest District Office.  If you don’t see it yet, you still have some time – the expo is still working although the main events have been yesterday, on Wednesday.
I want to tell you some information, what we can see on the three floors.


First Floor第一樓
On the first floor you can see the artworks made by prominent artists all around Taiwan. They are made of special wood – they didn’t cut it, instead they found it after the natural disasters such as typhoons. During them lots of woods are pulled out and flown away.
You can guess the meaning of this artworks easily as they explain it very clear and all the time it connected with nature, its protection and beauty.


Also on the first floor there is an exhibition from the department going with seeds and their planting. The expo shows us the results of their work in ten year period. We can see the board with the report and lots of photos proving the information.

Rescue team
Here you can see everything connected with seeds and plants. There are also lots of prizes and certificates praised the department for excellent work.

Second Floor第二樓
Now let’s go up to the second floor and have a look what they have.
On the second floor there are two departments – both of them connected with infrastructure and protecting of the nature but in different spheres.
On the right you will see the department that build and repair roads. Their present the detailed report of their work since “921” earthquake. The amount of work that has been done, roads built and facilities constructed is worth to be proud of.


On the left we can see almost the same picture but made by the other department. And they show us the information about bridges and supporting constructions.

Also we can see lots of photos that have been made each year from ninetieth letting us know what has been done during this period.

On the center there is an exhibition of some facility equipment, uniforms and other tools used by the workers of these departments and created by them.

Also there are some researches books and certificates.


Third floor第三樓
It’s right time now to move to the third floor to see one more exhibition – the exhibition of Recreation department.

It is one of the brightest expos in the office. Here you can find lots of the prizes of the volunteer teachers. Do you know how many hours they worked as volunteers a year to get such prizes? More than 300 hours. Amazing! And here is far more than one prize!


Also there are some of their creations – different DIY-s.
Next table shows us the results of the works of Nature Centers. They published special books each year so visitors could know what events would be held during that period.

On the next table you can see all the books, DVD-s and CD-s that were made by the department during ten years. They are connected with everything – history, animals, birds, plants, tourist spots and attractions and lots other interesting facts.

Moving further we can see very-very-very long table with all kinds of certificates, prizes and medals that this department won. No comment – just amaze with the view!

On the walls and banners you can see the information about out-door activities – camps, working holidays, conferences and so on.

In the center you can see some painted pictures showing us famous Taiwanese bird. I recognized Taiwan Blue Magpie.

Even a short look on the expo can let you know what a great job all these people did and do every day. If you have a chance – visit Dongshih Forest District Office in Fengyuan and see yourself this exhibition. There is so much interesting that I haven’t mention, you can spend so many time looking at all the expos, excited and amazed. 


Written by Olga
奧利嘉 撰寫

Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯

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