Sunday, 26 August 2012

Post Scriptum

It was long time ago when I wrote my first article in this blog. Much time passed, lots of things happen and lots – change. I changed. 

My beloved Dasyueshan

If you will read my articles from the very beginning –you will feel all the differences that happen to me.
When I arrived here, to Taiwan from Russia, I couldn’t imagine myself what will happen, what I will learn and whom I will meet. And for sure, I couldn’t imagine that everything would be so amazing!
Here, in Taiwan I use this word – “amazing” – pretty often. It is because I can’t find any other word in my English lexicon that will express my feelings so clear. I am amazed by Taiwan, by Taipei, by Dasyueshan, by every other place that I visited during these two months. 

My beloved Dasyueshan

I passed a long, very long way here in Taiwan. I was just Olga from Russia in the beginning. But step by step I learnt..
how to behave – behave in the forest; behave among people with whom I work but who could hardly understand me; behave in my group, my beloved friends.
how to treat – all the animals and plants, even insects whom I couldn’t even touch without being scared before; treat myself and others.
how to listen – listen to the signs of weather and nature; listen to the birds in the evening and early in the morning; listen to my feelings and wishes; listen to others, even if I can’t understand their speech, listen to their initial message, that they wanted to tell.
how to express – express the feelings that I have towards Dasyueshan, Taiwan and my friends; express my point of view and idea.
how to talk – talk every month and week, every day and hour using the language that is not my native one; talk to people whom I don’t know and who will leave in an hour.
I learnt so many about everything… It is so pathos to say such words, but things never be the same for me again. And it is really good.
Now, it’s time to say goodbye…
Goodbye everyone who read our blog and liked it – thank you for your support.
Goodbye Dasyueshan – you’ll in my heart forever.    

My beloved Dasyueshan

Sincerely yours, Olga.

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