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Discovering Taiwan Spirit in the Aboriginal Village(發覺台灣精神---原始部落)

To know the Taiwanese attitude to their past and, especially, to aboriginals, you need only to have a short walk along one of the tourist streets. “Feel the spirit of Taiwan” – became, for me, the national logo. Taiwanese do care about their ancestors.
Later we didn’t have a chance to visit any traditional aboriginal village; nevertheless there was one near our office. But, as I learnt after, you need to do a lot of work, to have an opportunity to go to this village. Its name is Dasyueshan Community Area.

 map 地圖
Common village scenery 鄉間風情
 Brief about its history that I managed to learn. In the previous century you need to have a passport with you to pass to the territory of the village. And not everyone was allowed to go. Even now you can’t drive to the village if you are not a resident. You have to leave your car in about 1 kilometer from the village and walk further.
There are two bridges that lead to the village – one is made from stone, another is suspension. The river that flows under them is not so rush, but because of typhoons and other weather disasters the bridges were destroyed in the past.


We had a short walk along the village and have a look on the house where the ancestors of our teacher Lai lived for a long time. Not it is abandoned, but who knows how it looked like decades ago. 


On the way to the forest trail, we passed the visitor center that used to be a primary school ages ago. 

Old school 舊學校
Forest trail 森林步道

 In the forest we found plenty of bamboo trees! Lots of them!

 After walking the trail for some time, we went to the farms or plantations. Most of the people, who live in this village, have orchards and gardens where they plant fruit-trees, plants and vegetables.
Some of them are really big!


Da Syue shan is translated to English as Great Snow Mountain and exactly here, in this village the trail to the summit of the mountain starts.
Moreover you can find a special path to see one of the most beautiful events in the world – to see the fireflights!
It’s a pity, we didn’t have enough time to go to both of these trails, because we need to return to our office to do some more work.

大雪山翻譯成英文是 Great Snow Mountain 而從這裡就是通往頂峰的橫嶺步道所在處。

Written by Olga
奧利嘉 撰寫
Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯


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