Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How to be a tour guide?(怎樣成為一名解說員)

Do you think it is easy?
I don’t think so! It needs special training from you. For example, we (Chia Yee and I) were allowed to guide a group in Dasyueshan only now, almost in the end of August.
I hope it is not because we are bad students and can’t remember information necessary to present the plants, or we can’t lead a group. It think it is because you need not only knowledge about plants and trees, historical facts or jokes to be a tour-guide. You need to have an experience of how and what to say, how to behave and what to do. These can’t be learn from books – it is a practical working experience.
We have been walking the Sacred Tree trail thousands of times, accompanying the teachers and groups. We know exactly how many turns there will be on the way and how much time it will take you to go down and up back.
And last Saturday, 18th of August, there was a very big group! There were more than a hundred and fifty people. It’s the first time I see such a giant tour group in Dasyueshan.
Teachers decided to divide it into three smaller groups of about fifty people. So both of the teachers get their groups and one group for Chia Yee and me.
We were waiting for the group since early in the morning and expected it to come to 49K at 10 a.m., but it turned out that there was a little misunderstanding and the group came only about 1 p.m. By this time we were even more excited!
The weather was rather misty and cold. But we didn’t notice it.

And finally we saw them! 我們終於見到他們了!
So many people....好多人哦。。。
As I don’t know Chinese, almost the whole work was on Chia Yee’s shoulders. And she did it really great – lead the group, present plants and trees, tell some jokes and answer the questions! 


As for me and my part in this trip, I tried to do my best to help Chia Yee and tourists. Sometimes lead the group and present some trees and plants in English for people who missed Chia Yee’s explanation.
Also, I was ready to answer all the questions that they could have. And, of course, there were lots of people who wanted to talk to me and learn more about my staying here. 

It was really nice to communicate with so many people of all the ages – from small cute boys till stout grown-ups.
We didn’t notice how time passed. It was a great experience for us. Now we know that we can lead a group and our stay in Dasyueshan, all our classes were not simple wasting of time! And it is really great – I’m very proud of it!


Written by Olga
奧利嘉  撰寫

Translated by Chia Yee
嘉怡 翻譯


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