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嘉怡百科全書 :第一部 (Chia Yee’s encyclopedia)Part 1

在這本百科全書裡,沒有複雜的科類名稱或是專業的植物特徵,而是以我嘉怡的角度來一窺大雪山森林遊樂區小小植物精靈世界< _^
In this encyclopedia, you can’t find a word about the plants’ scientific name or even its complicated characteristics, but looking into Dasyueshan Recreation Forest plant’s world from Chia Yee’s angle < _^

1. 毛地黃(Digitalis Purpurea Linn)
·         紫花毛地黃可不是一般角色哦!
·         全株都有毒~~不要被其美色吸引到而觸摸或誤食它!
·         其毒性可用作強心劑,增強心肌跳動。

·         Its whole plant is poisonous—don’t be attracted by its beauty and touch or even eat it!
·         Its toxicity can be used as cardiac stimulant and increase the heartbeat of the patient.

2.咬人貓(Stinging nettle)
·         全身長满密密的刺毛!
·         顧名思義咬人貓會狠狠咬你一口,讓你感覺又麻又痛!
·         治療方法 :姑婆芋她的汁屬鹼性,會中和酸性的咬人貓,發揮解毒的作用。

·         Body covered with thick bristles.
·         As the name implies, it will bite you and let you feel pain and numb!
·         Alkaline Taro will neutralise stinging nettle’s acid and help in detoxification.

3.台灣懸鉤子(Taiwan Raspberry)
·         其果實呈鮮豔的紅色或橙色!
·         小小的果實吃起來酸酸甜甜又多汁!
·         Its fruits are juicy and sour!
·         Its colour are either red or orange!

4.白珠樹/冬青油樹(Wintergreen tree)
·         冬青油樹含有水楊酸甲酯,是薩隆巴斯止痛劑所含的成分。
·         吃一吃其白色果實,嘴裡頓時涼涼的~~

·         It contains methyl salicylate---ingredient that can be found in the analgesics.
·         Once you taste its fruits, you will feel a sudden cool in your mouth.

5.虎杖(Polygonum cuspidatum)
·         梗很硬,側枝長出來突突的就像手杖一樣。
·         本草綱目的作者,李時珍說:其莖如杖,其斑如虎,因而得此名!
·         中藥材清熱解毒、祛痰止咳
·         Chinese herbal medicine

6.楓樹/槭樹(Maple tree)
·         紅榨槭---葉子裂狀不明顯,像baby小指頭短短的,張不太開,超含蓄的!
·         青楓---葉子裂狀非常明顯,長得很大方!
·         尖葉槭---葉子到秋天時轉黃後就掉落
·         槭樹指的就是楓樹,其葉子是對生的。可讓大家影響深刻的:一對畜()
·         Red maple—Leaves crack is not obvious compared to green maple.
·         Acer Kawakamii Koidzumi---its leaves turn colour until yellow only
 紅榨槭 Leaves of Red Maple

 尖葉槭 Acer Kawakamii Koidzumi

翅果 Samara wings

 青楓 Green Maple tree

嘉怡  撰寫
Written by Chia Yee

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