Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sharing experience. Step 1: Visiting Shuangliou(雙流我來也)

Having had 3 days off, we planned a trip to the South beforehand. And even not so optimistically weather forecast couldn’t make us give up the idea of it.
We knew that there is an office with some volunteers on our way to Kenting. So we decided to spend several days in their park.
After a very long trip (by train, HSR, train again and bus) we finally managed to reach Shuangliou Forest National Recreation Area.


Beautiful alley on the way to Shuangliou

First we spent some time talking to volunteers, sharing experience, remembering some pleasant moments and chatting. Right after this we started our first walk on the park’s trail.
Oh, forgot to say – it was raining. And while we were walking it became slighter and stronger now and then. Until it changes to the heavy shower and we got wet through.
But, nevertheless, we really enjoyed our first walk.
The sceneries of Dasyueshan and Shuangliou are very different. Where we have mountains, huge, mysterious forests and endless precipes, Shuangliou has lovely valleys, rough rivers and marvelous waterfalls.

Sunshine lawn and Taiwan lily - perfect combination

During the first walk, on the way to the most famous tourist spot of Shuangliou – to the Shuangliou Waterfall – we passed long and nice forest trail, crossed long mountainside bridge and went along the river.



As the rain became harder. We have a choice – go further or return back. But our persistence won and we continued the way to the waterfall. And I didn’t regret of that choice even a moment – the view on the waterfall is breathtaking – huge masses of water falling down and down.

The landscape of Shuangliou is pretty charming. 

All the way we could hear a sound of the river that flows through the park.
In the evening volunteers entertained us to dinner and tell more about their daily life in the park.
It was very interesting to share and compare our impressions about first month in Taiwan.
You can also find mountains in Shuangliou and we even climbed one of them the next day – mountain Maozi.


It was sunny weather. And we, accompanied by the Shuangliou volnteers – started our almost two-hour way up. 


The trail was a little bit slippy and muddy after yesterday’s shower but not less beautiful and nice.
And really not so long.

Green after rain looks even more green
Going up, we saw a lot of insects and lizards that went out of their shelter. One of these lizards (that likes to climb the trees) looked at me very suspicious.


Very suspicious lizard
And some of the insects consider us to be a good meal to them. I mean leeches that wanted to drink our blood. I was attacked four times and four times successfully put them away of my legs not let them drink my blood.
But Anita having decided that she needed to do something good every day, fed the leech for more than an hour. Until it became very-very big so it couldn’t even move. That is where the greed leads…
The view from the top worth to be seen! Breathtaking scenery of a great valley of giant mountains and brightening line of the Pacific ocean near the horizon. 

可是Anita 決定做點好事,那就是把她的血餵給這些水蛭。水蛭們很貪心地吸了又吸,直到動彈不得。

Great Ocean almost united heavy clouds
Time moved fast and soon we had to say Good Bye to our friends and continue our journey. 

Bye-bye, Shuangliou! 
I will miss you!

Wriiten by Olga
奧利嘉 撰寫

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