Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Handicrafts, reaching the summit and working holidays – or how we spend these two weeks(我如何度過這兩個星期)

Two weeks have passed and so many things happened.
First, we, as always, worked at Dasyueshan from 12th till 15th of July. New experience for us – and not only working. If anyone doesn’t know yet, the aboriginal symbol of Taiwan is owl. In Dasyueshan we have a special class devoted for teaching children (and not only children – our own experience shows that it can be interesting for adults also) how to create DIY wooden owl and other crafts using only your imagination.

Next, we sampled the work in the Visitor Center. Our ecological education includes also learning how to help guests, introducing the Center, trails, tourist spots and other interesting places of Dasyueshan. Not so easy work, especially if you don’t know Chinese and on Sunday.
Sunday the 15th was really the most crowded day for us ever. And I have only one explanation for it – weather. While it is really very hot in Taichung country, the weather in Dasyueshan mountains is nice: not so cold and very comfortable to stay for one or two days and have a rest from the summer heat.

星期天15th 是最熱鬧的一天。我只能說是氣候導致大雪山客源不絕,尤其是台中市現在熱滾滾的。大雪山的氣候有涼爽又舒服,是最佳避暑勝地。
But that Sunday has passed and we returned to Fengyuan to prepare for a camp in wonderful Basianshan – one of the eight most beautiful places of Taiwan. For sure it is. Basianshan is an amazing place – worth to be seen!

Together with Taiwanese guys and Basianshan stuff we held a camp for junior high school students.

Walking, playing, studying and enjoying nature. There were everything!

 During the daytime we walked the trails, learning new facts about plants, insects and Basianshan itself. In the evening we saw videos about Taiwan animals and birds and observe insects.

The other day all of us had a chance to climb a tree!
And the climax of the camp was climbing the highest mountain of the Seven Heroes of Guguan – Ba Sian mountain!

Eight-hour trip from the bottom to the summit – sometimes steep and sometimes meandering path.
The road was hard and dangerous now and then. And very beautiful.

But all of the students and volunteers managed to reach the summit.

The last day of the camp was full of creativity, DIY crafts and imagination limited only with time. They could use anything and anyhow. And that’s what we get as a result: animals, birds, raft and even a teapot with cups.

最後一天的活動充滿了創意。DIY 工藝品製作~~

As soon as the camp was finished we welcomed a delegation from the Acer company who arrived not only to experience Basianshan nature, have a rest with their families but also to do something really helpful for the society.

These people and we together with them repair the trail and stands. Damaging old planks, putting off rusty nails, sewing and hammering nails – it was really very fun!

Good memories about working holidays will stay with us forever. 

Wriiten by Olga
奧利嘉  撰寫


  1. Olga!
    We all thought that U forgot to took the picture with the yellow book when U reached the summit!
    but U actually remember it ! kkk :^D


    1. Yes, I remember to do this. It was almost the first thing I did having reached the summit.